That- litter
D.O.B. 14.11.2009
Sire: Rottriver`s Take That
Dam: Leavenworth Sagittaire

Pic: Kennel Rottriver`s

Quick- litter
D.O.B. 3.6.2010
Sire: Kramer`s Quick Silver
Dam: Leavenworth Blonde Ambition

Star- litter
D.O.B. 9.12.2011
Sir: Heathermoor Ursus
Dam: Leavenworth Sagittaire

More- litter
synt. 22.4.2012
Sir: Caperhill Smoke On Water
Dam: Heckler`s More Than That

Name- litter
D.O.B. 27.12.2012
Sir: Heilurihännän The Name Of The Game
Dam: Heckler`s Too Quick For Blond

Cash- litter
D.O.B. 2.4.2013
Sir: Thestrup`s Tango N` Cash
Dam: Leavenworth Blonde Ambition

Written- litter
D.O.B. 19.1.2014
Sir: Rocco's Collar Sparky Super Guenon
Dam: Heckler`s Written In The Stars